Free-diving during a marine-life conservation project

A few months ago I sat down and said to myself. ‘Why is it that I am restless?’ and after an honest reflection, I understood that it was because my passion did not lie in my (then) current job. A job that is great in many ways, with amazing colleagues and opportunities, and even though I could learn things, I could not actively engage in a process day to day when I knew it did not represent my views, lifestyle or aspirations. I then asked myself, what is it that truly interests me? Well, I realised that one of those things is a vegan lifestyle. I have been vegan for over eight years, and this is a clear indication that it is a big and relevant part of my life. Secondly, since my early childhood, I have been particularly drawn to nature. My primary school teacher wrote, describing a class day trip, during which my class left a bus to disperse in an outside play area and as my schoolmates ran to play I stood on a side of a hill exclaiming ‘look how beautiful nature is!’. When I stopped and took a moment to reflect upon my personal activities and interests I have realised that this love for nature has been lingering unconsciously, somewhere in the deeper realms of my psyche (possibly drowned in a concoction of big city rhythmic hues).

I have begun to reconnect with the environment all over again in a conscious and deliberate manner. I started researching, gathering information and expanding my understanding of environmental issues and potential solutions. Following this, I have created this page and opened associative accounts on Instagram and Facebook as a sort of journal of my journey. I have also done this to share any interesting information I find during research, and my own experiences to raise awareness about the current state of the environment and the role we play in it.

I believe in the motto ‘be the change’ – to me, it implies that an individual can be a source of inspiration and positive influence if they truly encompass what they believe in, especially, when people are quick to believe their individual actions cannot influence a bigger change. I believe, that through small individual and collective steps, through altering our habitual consumption behaviours and re-evaluating the things that are necessary for our lives and the things that aren’t,we can make positive environmental changes. I am also a firm believer in a saying ‘experience over things’, which helped me re-evaluate what it is that is necessary in my life, and how I consume things. All these aspects are and will be reflected in my social media.

Currently, I am actively engaging in practical (e.g. I have just completed a seven-week marine-life conservation project in Central America, which involved both free and scuba diving to collect various data about marine life in the Carribean sea), as well as theoretic activities to continuously expand and improve my knowledge and understanding of environmental issues.

As I shift from my old self into a committed environmentalist, I want to share my thoughts, experiences, ideas, issues, and solutions in a hope that this will make a positive change, create and maintain conversation about the way we live, and the way we affect the planet we live on, and, hence, that this will, in some way, aid in the progress of an ecologically driven industries, green infrastructure and product design, smart consumption and through awareness, more conscientious behaviours.

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