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G.0 | Generation Zero | UK | Modern Mindful Living | Zero waste | Vegan | Eco

G.0 | Generation Zero | UK | Modern Mindful Living | Zero waste | Vegan | Eco

Ten tried and tested, useful tips to consider and practice to reduce the amount of waste you produce.

1. Buy what is necessary. Decide what you need before going shopping, make a list, this may help you avoid compulsive shopping. 

2. Support ethical businesses that genuinely care about more than just making a profit or looking good. 

3. Buy from charities, second-hand vintage or recycled, companies that manufacture/use unsustainable virgin materials are equally responsible for our precious recourses dwindling away (as is growing population and irresponsible agriculture)

4.  Buy local: support local farmers and buy seasonal local produce whenever you can

5. Buy unpackaged: Ideally, choose unpackaged options. If those are not available choose easy recyclable packaging + preferably the type of material that does not lose it's quality when recycled. Also, if unpackaged options are not available, buy in bulk.

6. Make sure you have reusable bags and take them with you when you go shopping, it is so easy to do that doing otherwise just seems ignorant and careless.

7. Get yourself a reusable water/tea bottle and a reusable coffee cup instead of buying single-use items that often end up in our landfills.

8. If you enjoy eating out in markets use your own lunch box and cutlery. Refuse single-use, it is such an unnecessarily high energy use waste

9. When shopping for veggies or fruits pick the single units that have broken off the bunch, most people ignore those and they end up wasted. 

10. Finally, "buy less crap, and companies will make less crap"

Please share your sustainable shopping tips in the comments below and let's inspire each other! 



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