Some Positive News 🍀

Some Positive News  🍀

It is April 4th 2020 and we are in the midst of a Pandemic. I, like many of you, have been an avid follower of the latest events and decided that some positive news, thoughts and photos are in order, so without further ado!:


1. Battersea Dogs and Cats Home reportedly rehomed more than double their usual amount of cats and dogs last week. Pet shops were also cleared as people looked for a companion for the lockdown. (•  Telegraph)

Dogs and Cats, Battersea, Foster and animal

2. Thousands are turning to birdwatching to help them through the coronavirus lockdown

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3. Moles are daring to clamber above ground to hunt for worms, oystercatchers are nesting on deserted beaches, and overlooked plants such as ivy-leaved toadflax are gaining new friends. (

ivy-leaved toadflax , nature , flowers , connection , natural

(Flickr, Julie on May 24, 2018)

The shutdown of modern life as we know it is liberating British wildlife to enjoy newly depopulated landscapes!

4. According to China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment, data recorded between January and March 2020 reflects an 84.5 per cent increase in days with good air quality in 337 cities, and satellite data from the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration shows a decline in nitrogen dioxide over China. ( Interview with Pushpam Kumar, United Nations Environment Programme, Chief Environmental Economist. | 31 March 2020)

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5. The White-tailed eagle has made a spectacular recovery in many parts of Europe (Emanuela Barbiroglio, 

Eagle, Birds, Nature, Environment, G.0 , Eco, Generation Zero, EU

Solvin Zankl, Rewilding Europe

6. Air pollution, which causes an estimated 7 million deaths annually, has plunged worldwide during the coronavirus lockdown as factories have closed, power demand dropped, and traffic evaporated (Jeff McKinnon, 

7. University of Exeter Geography Professor Neil Adger agreed with Gemenne’s realism on the pandemic’s relation to the climate, and suggested some more silver linings: “practices around the community, the reality of unnecessary travel, and other trends show another future is possible and desirable.” (As above)

Sustainable Future, Mindful Living, Green Life, Eco friendly, G.0, Generation-zero, Sustainable Habits, Sustainable methods

8. Now we have a chance to monitor what sort of impact people are having on nature (Chris Hill, Published 12:16 31 March 2020 | Updated 12:16 31 March 2020, Eastern Daily Express)

9. Dr Williamson said the most important change brought by the pandemic could be to public attitudes.

He said: “Four fundamental changes in the way we think have already happened, and seem likely to intensify: an awareness that society is fragile; the realisation that values are more important than costs; the recognition that events in one part of the world can affect us all; and appreciation of the need for scientific knowledge to guide actions in time of emergencies.” (Stuart Anderson, 30 March 2020 - 06:02, Eastern Daily Express)

10. Social solidarity is evident, as people go out of their way to work in the front lines, keep in touch with elderly and vulnerable people, and support each other in every way possible. We are in it together. 

"We are however keen to keep spirits in the homes high and so have been thinking of ways that we can continue to enrich the lives of our residents whilst providing them with stimulation and companionship." (Shaleeza Hasham, head of communications and commissioning at CHD Living) 

Elderly, vulnerable, solidarity, empathy, G.0, generation zero, mindful

Picture: Getty

Some of these definitely brightened up my day, I hope yours as well! Let's look after each other and the environment, the world is a much better place when we do!

Do you have any positive news you would like to share? Please drop them in the comments below! 




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