Sustainable Living (so far)

Sustainable Living (so far)

I looked through some old photos and videos from our earlier travels and pondered how wonderful it is to have such resources to look back to. You can live through the same experience again overtime, yet from a different perspective, through a different lens.

With this in mind, I made a list of things I will share with you about my personal, 'Zero Waste' inspired journey. Through this exercise, possibly, for the first time, I  realised how many lifestyle changes I have made so far, and how much our home + my personal aesthetic transformed.

I no longer chase the latest trends in fashion, avoid buying from brands that do not represent my ethos, our home is less cluttered, my wardrobe and draws, more organised and minimal. The places we shop for food are, predominantly, no longer those that sell produce wrapped in plastic. I no longer use disposable items. (There is an occasional, increasingly less occurring slip-up). For example, in the beginning, I found myself regularly slapping my forehead as I would see a waiter bringing me a drink with a straw.

 "S%&*! I forgot to mention that I do not need one..."

I have learned.

Our bathroom is clutter-free, sans plastic tubes and packets. We now invest our time and money into experiences over things.  

Through zero waste principles, I continuously learn new skills in cooking, sports, repurposing, chemistry, finances, design - you name it. It is happening. It seems like a natural part of this journey. I know I am not the first one to admit it.  

What I do have more of is clarity. Clutter creates distractions, order - a sense of focus and relaxation, now, more then ever I have fun cleaning, and less time having to do so. (cleaning) Instead, I can focus more time on the things I REALLY love doing - e.g. developing my start-up, sharing the sustainability message, spending time in nature and socialising with family and friends. 

Starting from the next blog, I will start to list tips, problems and solutions I have come across so far, in the bid to live more sustainably!

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