I am vegan for nearly nine years. My decision to switch from vegetarianism was motivated by ethical reasons. Health and environmental aspects soon made sense too. Here are some common vegan myths I have come across time and time again:

1. People often assume that being vegan and being a healthy eater is a given. False. You can be vegan and eat crap. 
2. Another assumption is that vegans cannot wait to tell you they are vegan. On the contrary, in the years I have been vegan I seldom ever started the convo about me being vegan. People are curious, and ask questions.
3. "You cannot be vegan and eat a wholesome diet." False. I am still alive and healthy, so I am guessing best to think in terms of nutrition/vitamins i.e. calcium, iron, minerals, fats, instead of products steak and milk. Some of the world-renowned elite athletes are vegan.
4. Vegan fashion equals sustainable fashion. That is not necessarily the case if most of the items bought are made from plastic/ synthetic materials. In fact, the opposite can be true, therefore educated buys can make a difference.
5. Only vegans need to watch their B12 vitamin intake. False. Meat-eaters are susceptible to low levels of vitamin B12. 

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