Here, at G.0, we believe in three levels of positive action:

1. Individual

2. Social

3. Policy Change

Dominyka, is the founder of G.0, a long-term vegan and a zero-waste lifestyle practitioner.

After completing her work as a marine life research assistant + scuba diver, and in the process, learning more about environmental science + nature conservation, a need to actively engage in activities that improve the possibility of more symbiosis between nature and people grew. Through research and experience, she learned the extent to which our consumption behaviours affect the environment, in addition to how much more effective and happy we can be by making simple changes in our lives that do not cost the earth.

One of the extensions of this engagement has manifested in G.0 modern mindful living platform, which is comprised of a few areas:

A Blog and Vlog:

Exploring subjects related to zero-waste and plant-based living.

A Shop:

With carefully selected natural, organic, ethical products with smart and environmentally friendly packaging – all of which offer cost-effective, sustainable solutions for your everyday needs! These products can help you reduce your environmental footprint, whilst, supporting innovative, smart, and ethical company’s who are raising the bar for businesses’ code of conduct and encourage ‘circular economy’.

Lastly, G.0 stands for ‘Generation Zero’, a homage to the Zero-Waste philosophy and ideology, which encourages people to emulate sustainable natural cycles. After all, nature does it so beautifully, why shouldn’t we?

Your opinions and feedback are highly valued. Please contact us with any suggestions or information on areas that you think could be improved.

Thank you,

G.0 Team