Giving Back

At the heart of all that G.0 represents stands the will to create positive change. Therefore, G.0 will dedicate 10% of the net profits made via this platform to help build green infrastructure. 

In other words, invest and/or support effective educational programs directly related to conservation and protection of our environments, create competitions to inspire young people to connect with and learn about nature through active engagement in real time situations or while learning about existing issues and solutions. To support ecologically driven start-ups and students, as well as individuals who show genuine interest to develop new, cutting-edge environmentally sound solutions and more.

Each donation, investment or supported project that receives the 10% of G.0 e-platform net profits will be publicly announced and you will be able to follow their stories too.

We are keen to collaborate with companies and individuals who connect with our vision or have a similar one of their own. So please, always feel free to contact us here, via Facebook or Instagram and we can share ideas and see what we can do together.

This is still a fresh project, therefore we are looking at all sustainable solutions that we can implement for G.0 if you know of any schemes, collaborations, packaging, products that can be used to make G.0 greener please inform us! This will be highly appreciated.

As G.0 is still at the embryo stage of the development we look forward to continuously improving and connecting with other change-makers!