Beard and Face Oil

Beard and Face Oil

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G.0 carefully sourced a handmade natural product for Man. A wonderful Face & Beard Oil to Nourish the facial hair and promote healthy skin beneath.

Ideally, it should be applied straight after a good shower or washing your face. At this time, your hair and skin have already soaked up moisture from the water and now with the heat your pores and hair follicles will be open. Making it easier for both skin and beard alike to absorb the oil and reap its benefits. All you need to do is drop few drops onto your fingers, rub it in your hands to warm it up. Ensure an even distribution across our beard, and then rub it deep into your beard. Don’t use too much, mind, or the hair won’t be able to absorb all the oil and it’ll sit on top which will leave you looking greasy. Combing or brushing the beard oil through your beard is always recommended to work the oil all the way along the length of the hairs and ensure there are no knots.

It really is that simple to start keeping your beard in tip-top condition. Finish off styling with our Beard & moustache Wax for perfect grooming.

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