Eco Cork Pen with Refill

Eco Cork Pen with Refill

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G.0 carefully sourced a sustainable Cork Writing Refillable Pen with one extra refill. A perfect eco gift for a modern mindful individual! 

ORIGINAL ECO CORK PEN - Aluminium Ballpoint Pen

EcoLif3 is dedicated to promoting products that are reusable and made from sustainable products such as Portuguese Cork and Organic Cotton. We are committed to becoming more sustainable and to drive positive change and reduce waste. Our vegan pen does not contain any animal fats and is a 100% cruelty free product. Ideal for business or personal use. The Original Cork Pen is manufactured with high quality aluminium and organic, sustainable cork. Fantastic as a gift. Arrives in a stylish fully recyclable gift cardboard pouch, perfect as a present or for a special occasion. Features Ergonomic design for comfortable writing. Manufactured with durable materials. The box included one extra refill.

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