Peppermint Lazy Days Tea - Plastic Free

Peppermint Lazy Days Tea - Plastic Free

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G.0 carefully sourced tea with 100% Plastic free packaging! 


Our Peppermint Lazy Days Tea produces a honey tan infusion and has a cool and clean taste with a wonderfully refreshing aroma.

How to make the perfect cuppa:

Start by boiling fresh water and warm the mug or pot.

Allow 1 bag per person, pour over boiling water and infuse for 3-5 minutes.

Add sugar/honey to taste.

Enjoy whilst dreaming of lazy days!

Ingredients: Peppermint

40 x 100% Plastic Free Tea Bags packed in biodegradable and compostable packaging.

As the planet means so much to us, in 2018 we took the leap to be one of Britain’s first 100% plastic free tea companies.

Not only where our tea bags made from corn starch (and still are), so no nasty plastics in your cup, we also started packing our tea bags in a film made from fast growing eucalyptus tree cellulose, so no nasty plastic in landfill neither.

10p from each Lazy Days Tea purchased goes directly to one of our favourite charities CHICKS.

For many children growing up in the UK the chance to enjoy days out or a visit to the beach is a distance dream.

CHICKS is a national children’s charity, which provides disadvantaged children with free, week-long respite breaks in the UK. Their circumstances at home mean that they are missing out on “normal” childhood experiences, and they all share the fact they desperately need a break.

By purchasing this Lazy Days Earl Grey Tea, you are helping to give them that. To find out more about CHICKS please visit

100% plastic free Packaging! Inner clear bag 100% compostable and biodegradable. Outer box 100% recyclable cardboard printed with vegetable ink.

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40 Tea Bags