Eco-friendly Pro Cork Yoga Mat 4mm
Eco-friendly Pro Cork Yoga Mat 4mm
Eco-friendly Pro Cork Yoga Mat 4mm
Eco-friendly Pro Cork Yoga Mat 4mm
Eco-friendly Pro Cork Yoga Mat 4mm
Eco-friendly Pro Cork Yoga Mat 4mm
Eco-friendly Pro Cork Yoga Mat 4mm
Eco-friendly Pro Cork Yoga Mat 4mm
Eco-friendly Pro Cork Yoga Mat 4mm

Eco-friendly Pro Cork Yoga Mat 4mm

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G.0 carefully sourced an Eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mat that offers 4mm of natural rubber, topped with impressively gorgeous sustainable cork. Cork Space is a revolutionary new type of eco yoga mat made from breathtakingly soft Portuguese cork & grounding natural rubber.

Cork is a hard-wearing & non-sticky surface. Try cork and your practice will never be the same again.

Sturdy, grounding and incredible padding, our mats are for transforming your yoga experience into an other-worldly space. 

  • Eco-conscious (sustainable cork and natural rubber)
  • 10 Trees Planted for every mat made
  • Earth-friendly - biodegradable packaging & materials
  • Buttery Soft Sustainable Cork
  • Natural Grounding Rubber
  • Non-slip
  • Durable
  • Lays flat
  • Odor-resistant
  • Soft-touch non-sticky grip
  • 100% natural cork surface
  • Anti-microbial

More Yoga

Perfect for all climates (exept Mars) from hot to cold yoga, indoors or outdoors, upside down or inside out. Non-slip from the get go, from dry to heavy perspiration. Ready to go right out of the box, no break in period. From fast Vinyasa flow to mellow Yin Yoga.

Truly Grounding

The strong durable construction lays flat without any corner rolling or sliding. A high-density cushioned base provides a sturdy, grounded feeling (like a mouse sleeping inside a pita-bread). 

While the floor-facing textured grip pattern holds the mat, even on a polished wood floor or a vaseline slide. Excellent for home or studio use.

Sweat Proof

Cork offers a soft-touch, non-sticky grip which is really sweat proof.  The more you sweat the more you grip. Anti-microbial, cork naturally kills bacteria, germs and odours. Tried and tested by yoga teachers (& too many sleepy cats).  

Perfectly Sized

We’ve found the best dimensions for one human (or 48 sparrows). In two weights that offer either: Sturdy, grounding and incredible padding (4mm Pro) or Lightweight, active and direct feedback (2mm Nomad).

Made from Sustainable Cork

Cork is a natural raw material (no, not edible) which is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and renewable. Our cork bark is sustainably harvested in Portugal from the Cork Oak Tree without harming or cutting down any trees – that regularly grow to the wise old age of 300 years. 

Read on for more unbelievably cool reasons why we choose cork to make yoga mats from. 

Better Grip

The more beads of sweat come pouring down your face – the grippier the surface gets as corks natural waxy properties reveal themselves. Protecting you against unwanted slips so you can stay upright – I mean aligned

Buttery Soft

We’ve combined the recycled tree bark of Portuguese cork trees with the natural sap of the rubber tree to create the perfect combination of grip and bounce. Our mats are buttery soft to touch (yes vegan butter) yet firm enough to protect your joints & keep you focused.

Loved By Yoga Teachers

“I got through a full practice on the Cork Space yoga mat with no slips and no slides. I felt rooted in my standing sequence and supported in my seated sequence. It was beautiful, both the practice and the yoga mat.” 

Sarah Later, Yoga Teacher, Manchester

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