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Eco friendly Unpaper Towels (Set 5)

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 A reusable, eco friendly set of 5 unpaper towels for use in the kitchen instead of single use paper towels. 

Reasons to choose reusable 'unpaper towels':

- There is no way to recycle grease out of paper fibres

- Soiled paper towels can contaminate recyclable paper products and render them unusable 

- Paper towels and napkins are actually often created from recycled paper, making the fibres too short to be used again

- Although the paper towels can be composted you have to make sure that they have not been bleached

Replace your single-use kitchen roll with absorbent, eco-friendly and reusable cotton towels. To minimise shrinkage wash cool and dry flat. Avoid fabric conditioner to maintain absorbency. 

The "birdseye" weave of this cotton makes these towels super absorbent and excellent for wiping down surfaces. They won't just smear muck around.


9" square

Single Ply 


Wash cool and hang to dry

It is normal for this fabric to shrink up to 15% upon first wash.

Fabric: Cotton